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Our Products & Services

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  • LPG Bulk Tank

    PLPG Bulk Tank Design, Installation and requalification got Factories, Commercial & Residential User.

  • LPG Products

    Above ground storage containers shall be located in the open air outside of the buildings. In compliance to rules of MS 930 & MS 830, all safety distance should be followed to ensure all risk can be minimizing as practical possible.

    The storage system is designed by engineers in accordance to gas consumption and safety distance.

    The installations of storage system shall be fenced and locked to prevent unauthorized access and tempering (Gas Supply Act 1993)

  • LPG Supply and Delivery

    Licensed LPG Supplier with Excellent Track Record, Supply & Delivery of bulk LPG to industrial & commercial users.

  • LPG Vaporizer System

    Vaporizer is a device for converting liquid LPG to vapor. This vaporizer is used for liquid outlet LPG cylinder to supply a lot of gases continuously to the appliances.